Indian Reservation

“We have been made to drink of the bitter cup of humiliation; treated like dogs, our lives, our liberties, the sport of the Whiteman; our country and the graves of our Fathers torn from us, in cruel succession until…we find ourselves fugitives, vagrants, and strangers in our own country.”
John Ross, Cherokee

“Build a fire under the Cherokee, when it gets hot enough, they’ll move!”
President Andrew Jackson to the Georgia Congress prior to the 1835 Treaty of New Echota

Artist: Paul Revere and The Raiders


I know what I need, I need you
I cant see nothin’ else, all I can see is you
I don’t care what they say, about my state of mind
I know whats good for me, and you are just my kind

I know what I want, I want you
Shed your clothes, forget your codes
You know this is nothing new
I smell your scent, I taste your sweat
I feel this passion too
Lets trust our senses, not our minds
Lets break all the rules

Artist: Nazareth