Pentagon Admits that Israel is a Nuclear Power

New Eastern Outlook
by Vladimir Platov

Nuclear_reactor_in_dimona_(israel)In early February, the Pentagondeclassifiedreports on Israel’s nuclear weapons program which was carried out until 1987. According to these documents, Israeli scientists were capable of producing a hydrogen bomb by that time. Although these facts were largely ignored by the Western media, some analysts have noticed that the declassification of these secret reports suspiciously coincided with the recent, rapidly deteriorating relationship between the US and Israel. As Tel Aviv started a massive campaign of criticism aimed at the Obama administration, both in the US media and worldwide, the Pentagon’s revelations were quick to follow. It is also noteworthy that only the facts on the Israeli nuclear weapons program were declassified, while information regarding similar activities of NATO allies (in particular Italy, France, and West Germany) remained locked up.

The 386 pages report“Сritical technology assessment in Israel and Nato nations,”was prepared…

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Declaring Independence from Israel

Attending the World

t’s Way Overdue!

Philip Giraldi • March 31, 2015 • 

When Republican Presidential contender Senator Ted #Cruz announced his intention to run before a packed audience at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia, the one line in his speech that drew the most applause was “Instead of a president who boycotts Prime Minister Netanyahu, imagine a president who stands unapologetically with the nation of Israel.” I do not know if those who were cheering were really aware of what Cruz was saying, but the preposition “with” committing President Cruz to some kind of ad hoc equal partnership with a foreign government was both unseemly and ultimately un-American. A President of the United States should be prepared and expected to advance only American interests.canadian

There is no ambiguity in Cruz. As keynote speaker for a conference held last September by the newly formed In Defense of Christians group, he demonstrated that even…

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altahrir, news of Islam, Muslims, Arab Spring and special Palestine

By Peter Clifford              ©                  (


Today, Saturday, Assad’s National Defence Force, charged with defending Idlib, completely collapsed and the last quarter in the south of the city has now fallen to an alliance of 8 fighting groups formed from the Al Nusra Front, the Islamic Front and Free Syrian Army (FSA) aligned battalions.


Opposition Fighters Infront of Idlib Governorate Building

Early this morning, after seizing almost threequarters of the city yesterday, the attacking forces quickly gained control of the Palace of Justice, the National Hospital, the Provincial Museum, Al-Mehrab roundabout and checkpoint, Idlib Military Security HQ, the Air Force Security HQ, the Municipal Hall, the Governor’s building, the Traffic Police building, the Criminal Police building, the Faculty of Law, the Central Bank building, the City Council Hall, the main Secondary…

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Wake Up to Your Myths, America!

The Contrary Perspective


James Keye

I created this list of “American Myths” 25 years ago thinking that some significant part of the people would begin to understand them over time. What seems to be happening is that the country is dividing into those who cling with increasing aggression to these myths as others realize the falseness of them.

1) The American continents were empty environments discovered by European explorers and then filled by European immigrants.

Truth: There were between 20 and 100 million people in North America alone before the Europeans came. In the hundred years between first contact and the beginning of serious examination (c.1500-c.1600) the whole continent was racked with devastating epidemics killing millions, destroying social systems and complex cultures arranged in coalitions of commerce from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the Arctic to South America.

2) The American political system was created to offer opportunity for egalitarian democracy.


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Are Christians more Violent than Muslims?

The Age of Blasphemy

Are Christians more Violent than Muslims?


Are Christians more violent than Muslims?

What does the record say?

Murder rate: White America, like most Christian countries in the Americas, Africa and Eastern Europe, is markedly more violent than most of the Middle East (murders per 100,000 population):

  • 0.6 Bahrain
  • 0.7 Oman
  • 0.8 United Arab Emirates
  • 0.9 Qatar
  • 1.0 Saudi Arabia
  • 1.2 Egypt
  • 1.7 Cyprus
  • 1.8 Jordan
  • 2.0 Iraq
  • 2.1 Israel
  • 2.2 Kuwait
  • 2.2 Lebanon
  • 2.3 Syria
  • 3.0 Iran
  • 3.3 Turkey
  • 4.1 Palestine
  • 4.2 Yemen

Terrorist attacks: According to the FBI, only 6% of the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1980 and 2005 were carried out by Muslim extremists. Even Jewish extremists carried out more (7%).

War: Wars with at least a million dead:

Christian wars:

  • years: name: conservative body count in millions
  • 535-554: Gothic Wars: 5.0m
  • 790-1300: Reconquista: 7.0m
  • 1096-1272: Crusades: 2.0m
  • 1337-1453: Hundred Years’ War:

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A sweet enchanting smile

Warm and tender charms

The things I remember

While safe in mother’s arms


Protected from all troubles

Comforted when in pain

Kissed gently on the cheek

To make all better again


Guided through my infant life

Of things I should not do

Taught me right from wrong

And shown things old and new


I want to thank you mother

I cherished all the years

Even when I was punished

And cried so many tears


And now that I am older

My love for you is strong

Although you are no longer with me

To the Spirit world you have gone


I know you will always be near me

For your love will never die

At times when I need you

I will always feel you nigh


I should like to say thank you

For all that you have done

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Mothers Day

Memories of my mother come flooding back to me

Only yesterday I thought of something she once said

That respect is something we must work for

Hard work, not fancies that come into our head

Everyday we have a chance to make an impression

Riding on our laurels is not the way to go

Seizing every opportunity must be our target

Delay will only fill us with regret

And the chance to succeed will be gone forever

Yesterday’s remembrance is something I must not forget

Written by Ron Martin

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Voice Control Will Force An Overhaul of the Whole Internet

Dewayne-Net Archives

By Cade Metz
Mar 24 2015

Jason Mars built his own Siri and then he gave it away.

Mars is a professor of a computer science at the University of Michigan. Working alongside several other university researchers, he recently built a digital assistant that could instantly respond to voice commands—much like Siri, the talking assistant offered on the Apple iPhone. Then he open sourced the thing, freely sharing the underlying code with the world at large.

Known as Sirius, the project is a way for all sorts of other software coders to explore the complexities of modern speech recognition, and perhaps even add speech rec to their own mobile apps. This, Jason Mars realizes, is where the world is moving.

But the project has another aim. Mars also realizes that the massive computing centers that underpin today’s…

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Government Orders Bank Tellers To Alert Police About Your Cash Withdrawals: So They Can “Seize the Funds… Investigate”

by Mac Slavo



How can you tell if you’re living in a police state?

The short answer is that you’re living in a police state when everyone becomes a suspected criminal or terrorist. And if the following report is any indicator, then welcome to the Reich.

The Justice Departmenthas ordered bank tellers across America to contact law enforcement if they suspect your cash withdrawal may have something to do with illicit activity. There doesn’t need to be proof, or any sort of red flag indicator – merely suspicion by the bank teller processing your transaction is now enough to have you investigated by authorities.

Via The Sovereign Man Simon Black

What a lot of people don’t realize is that banks are already unpaid government spies.

Federal regulations in the Land of the Free REQUIRE banks to file ‘suspicious activity reports’ or SARs on their customers. And it’s not optional.

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The Birth of Israel, born out of terrorism & now maintained by terrorism


Anonymous Soldiers: The Struggle for Israel, 1917-1947. By Bruce Hoffman. Knopf; 618 pages; $35.

ISRAEL’S creation has many causes, but among the most powerful, argues Bruce Hoffman, is terrorism. For a decade, the anonymous soldiers of the Jewish underground waged a terror campaign to establish a state, targeting first Arabs, then British forces, then Arabs again.

Mr Hoffman has worked for the CIA and American forces in Baghdad, and he established the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St Andrews University. Although he dismisses some Arab militants of the age as atavistic marauders out to “kill as many Jews as possible”, he maintains a thinly veiled admiration for the Jewish irregulars whose plan to upset Britain’s 25-year rule of Palestine he describes as “unequivocally triumphant” and “brilliant in its simplicity”. “Terrorism,” Mr Hoffman writes, “can, in the right conditions and with the appropriate…

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