Manila – Amānillāh (امان الله)


Earlier this year I visited the Philippines. The main port of entry to this country, capital city and most well known destination is as most would know – Manila.
Manila wasn’t a city which I greatly enjoyed, mainly because its suited for Western tourists and hence isn’t the most welcoming place for a Muslim to be in. I did however manage to find a few mosques in the centre of the city as well as a Muslim enclave in Taguig city which was relaxing to be in.

Manila is not a Muslim majority city, its barely populated by Muslims in fact. Almost all of the locals are Christians and other than a few bombings blamed on Muslim rebels in the city, Islam and Muslims are not very ingrained into the city’s identity nowadays.

It was in Zamboanga City however that I was reminded of something that I heard…

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Nothing Changes Unless You Make It Change

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done,
You’ll keep on being what you’ve always been,
Nothing changes unless you make it change.

Quote from the movie: The Samaritan
First said by: Samuel L. Jackson

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The Samaritan