David Cameron Attacks Islam and Quietly Condones Far-right Terrorism



There was more than a tinge of déjà vu with the Prime Minister’s speech in Slovakia. Cameron’s infamous Munich speech was notable in that, at a time when the EDL were spewing their alcohol-slurred and cognitively impaired hatred of all things Muslim in the city of Luton, Cameron spoke of “core British values”, and the threat of “Islamist extremism”. If anything, Cameron’s words were taken as credence by the EDL.

Cameron’s latest comments, which now swaps “Islamist” for “Islamic”, come against the backdrop of a terrorist attack committed against black Church-goers by a young white supremacist in the US who wanted to start a civil war.   The timing of the two incidents could not have been more coincidental. I will refer back to this later on in my piece.

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Why anti-radicalisation software for schools is completely redundant.

Things that matter

Why anti-radicalisation software for schools is completely redundant. 

dangerOnce again, we see how completely disingenuous the UK government is in tackling terrorism. Recently, they have launched an anti-radicalisation software for schools. For whatever reason (probably based on the advice of some expensive consultants), they are implementing a “don’t join ISIS or anything like them” type software for schools. It’s like the Net Nanny used to stop porn, but instead of “busty blondes giving blow jobs” being flagged as “no-no” content, it will be a “dummies guide to jihad” instead. The completely piss-weak logic is that students get radicalised by searching for radical content and websites. Upon reading said content they are magically brainwashed into joining ISIS, pack up sticks and take one way flights to Syria. Such robust anti-radicalisation software will stop them in their tracks and instead direct them to Nike commercials or old episodes of Dad’s Army.


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‘An Phobcrapt’ – The MI5/UDA Black Propaganda Sheet

The Broken Elbow

In his often revealing, but just as frequently opaque report on the killing of Belfast lawyer, Pat Finucane, Sir Desmond de Silva devoted an entire chapter to what he called ‘Security Service Propaganda Initiatives’ in Northern Ireland.

Translated into ordinary language that reads: ‘MI5 Black Propaganda’. He drafted this chapter because Pat Finucane was a target of this black propaganda as were two other prominent Belfast solicitors, Oliver Kelly and PJ ‘Paddy’ McGrory.

Oliver Kelly, one of three lawyers targeted by UDA Oliver Kelly, one of three lawyers targeted by UDA

All three lawyers have since passed away but they shared two other characteristics: they specialised in defending IRA and other republican clients and were well known for doing so, and at one time or another they were all targeted for death by the UDA.

Paddy McGrory. Also targeted by UDA and smeared in MI5 black propaganda sheet Paddy McGrory. Also targeted by UDA and smeared in MI5 black propaganda sheet

Unfortunately, and frustratingly, de Silva does not spell out the exact…

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Puzzle Complete: What Israel Doesn’t Want You To Put Together

altahrir, news of Islam, Muslims, Arab Spring and special Palestine

Things world has learnt recently about Israel:
1) Initially there were different versions of Zionism. Theodor Herzel’s Zionism carried more egalitarian values and envisioned Jews and Palestinians living side by side as equals in Palestine. The version that won in the end was the one espoused by David Ben-Gurion and which was based on Jewish supremacism over any non-Jews living in Palestine.
2) Zionist nationalism is based on a form of nationalism found in Eastern European nations such as Russia and Poland. This nationalism is based on ethnic ownership of the land. Poland is for ethnic Poles and Russia is for ethnic Russians. This contrasts with Western European nationalism found in places like France and the US where the land belongs to anyone who is a citizen of the state.
3) The highest court in Israel has determined that “Israeli” is not an identity. As such Jewishness is the foundation…

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Salta ” Rammstein “

....HUSHABYE silenzioso addio ......Blog di Marcello

Su un ponte abbastanza alto
Un uomo tiene le braccia aperte
Là sta in piedi e ancora esita
La gente affluisce subito in massa
Anche io non me lo lascerò scappare
Voglio vederlo da vicino
Mi metto in prima fila
e grido

L’uomo vuole scendere dal ponte
La gente comincia ad odiare
Forma un cerchio fitto
E non vuole lasciarlo scendere
Così sale di nuovo su
E la folla comincia ad infuriarsi
Vogliono le sue interiora
E gridano

Non mi deludere
Salta per me
Salta nella luce

Adesso l’uomo comincia a piangere
Una nube si muove in segreto
si chiede “cosa ho fatto?”
di fronte al sole diventa freddo
Volevo solo guardare il panorama
la gente rompe il cerchio
e guarda nel cielo serale
E grida


Non mi deludere
Salta per me
Salta nella luce

Una nube si muove in…

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Non morire prima di me ” Rammstein “

....HUSHABYE silenzioso addio ......Blog di Marcello

La notte apre il proprio grembo
Il bambino si chiama solitudine
È freddo e immobile
Piango silenziosamente nel tempo
Non so come ti chiami
Ma so che esisti
So che prima o poi
qualcuno mi amerà

Lui viene da me ogni notte
Non restano parole da dire
Con le sue mani intorno al mio collo
Chiudo gli occhi e passo via (muoio)

Non so chi lui sia
Nei miei sogni lui esiste
La sua passione è un bacio
E io non posso resistere

Io aspetto qui
Non morire prima di me
Io aspetto qui
Non morire prima di me

Non so chi tu sia
Io so che esisti
Non morire
A volte l’amore sembra così lontano
Io aspetto qui
Non posso abbandonare il tuo amore
Io aspetto qui

Tutte le case sono coperte di neve
E nelle finestre luci di candele
Là giacciono insieme
E io
Io aspetto solo te

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