No Occupation Equals Peace

The last day of occupation, is the first day of Peace.

آخر يوم للاحتلال هو أول يوم سلام

Israeli and Palestinian peace activists walk behind cardboard cut-outs depicting the controversial Israeli separation barrier during a peace march at an Israeli road, near a checkpoint between the West Bank city of Beit Jala and Jerusalem.

Jacob The Thief!

“If I don’t steal your home, someone else will steal it,” was the answer given by an Israeli settler to Mona al-Kurd, a young Palestinian woman who accused him of stealing her home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in the occupied East Jerusalem.

The dialogue, captured on video by Palestinian activist Tamer Maqalda on Saturday, shows 22-year-old al-Kurd confronting the settler in the garden of her family home.

No one is allowed to steal my home!” al-Kurd shouts.

Jacob then says in Hebrew: “This is not mine in order to return it.”

The Equation Is Simple

They fought us with their Torah and their cannons and we will defeat them with our Quran and our cannons. The equation is simple!

حاربونا بتوراتهم ومدافعهم وسوف نهزمهم بقرآننا ومدافعنا. المعادلة بسيطة