Happy Eid عيد سعيد عليكم

كل عام واهلي وإخواني وأخواتي آلمسلمات بخير . عيد سعيد عليكم, إن شاء الله.

I’d like to take this moment to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters: a .blessed, jubilant and safe Eid-ul-Fitr

May Allah bestow his comfort and mercy to the suffering throughout the Muslim World and lavish our brothers and sisters with His infinite justice, security, peace and protection

“We Are Trying To Maximize The Number Of Civilian Casualties”

A Dutch television network has aired a fake video of Prime Minister Netanyahu bragging to US Secretary of State Clinton about how many Gaza civilian casualties Israel caused. The video is meant to be ‘satire.’

A Dutch news show has stirred controversy by airing a fake satirical video of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu bragging to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about civilian deaths in Gaza.

“We are trying to maximize the number of civilian casualties. We prefer that,” Netanyahu is seen telling Clinton in the video, which the broadcaster Vara aired on November 21, as part of the satirical corner of the prime-time news show De Wereld Draait Door. Approximately 1.5 million viewers watch the show every evening. 

The video, made to appear genuine through seamless splicing of sound bites from previous speeches by Netanyahu, was spread by thousands of Twitter and Facebook users who advertised it under the headline “Netanyahu finally tells the truth.”

“We are conducting these surgical operations against schools, mosques, hospitals, children,” Netanyahu is heard saying, adding: “This is something I don’t have to explain to Americans.”

Let’s go to the videotape.
“We are trying to maximize the number of civilian casualties,” Netanyahu says in a fake satirical video edited to appear genuine. Ultimately, the joke’s on Netanyahu’s supposed constituency, the people of Israel, the IDF, for whom Netanyahu seems incapable of mustering the strength to decimate their enemies.
My Notation: This may be satirical, but Israel’s actions and behavior show this to be factual, with regards to not giving a damn about civilian casualties nor caring one iota about what it’s American sponsor thinks or international law.

Green-Crowned Brilliant HummingBird

A Green-Crowned Brilliant Hummingbird (Heliodoxa jacula) feeding from a heliconia flower at La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica. 
Hummingbirds have one of the fastest metabolisms in the animal kingdom and therefore routinely consume more than their body weight in nectar daily. 
While active during the day they are almost always only a few hours from death unless they continue to feed their voracious appetite.

Israeli Sniper Kills Wounded Civilian

The Israeli Sniper Shoots The Palestinian Civilian Once and Wounds Him, Then Shoots Him A Second Time While He’s On The Rubble In Pain, Then With A Third Shot, The Israeli Murders The Palestinian Civilian.

When You Find Your Missing Son Getting Murdered On Camera

By Jehan Alfarra

While tweeting about a friend who lost his entire family yesterday, I saw repeated and persistent tweets sent by a dear friend, Mohammed Alqattawi, to Joe Catron, asking him to respond as a matter of urgency.
Feeling restless and uneasy, I asked Mohammed in a private message what was so urgent and if there was anything I could do, but he only asked for Joe’s number. I gave him the phone number. “We’ve been looking for my cousin from Sheja`yea for 2 days now,” Mohammed messaged me back a few minutes later. “We just watched a video that Joe tweeted of an injured Palestinian shot by an Israeli sniper while searching for his family. It is my cousin.”
Having watched that video earlier in the day, hearing that just took it to a whole new level for me. The nameless, wounded, innocent soul taken so outrageously by an Israeli sniper on camera, in front of the rescue team, and during the hours of a humanitarian ceasefire, belongs to my friend’s cousin. “I clicked on the link to watch the video, and his mom and sister swiftly recognised him by his voice,” Mohammed continued, “and his dad came running and watched his son get shot and say the shehada.”
My body went numb as I read these lines. Already up though the night mourning a friend of mine, now I am mourning another. Salem Shamaly and his family got split while evacuating Shejai`yea neighbourhood in light of Israel’s latest massacre in the area. And ever since the rest of the family made it to Mohammed’s home, him and his uncle have been looking for Salem everywhere. They spent all of yesterday searching Al Shefa hospital and asking around, but to no avail.
Senseless loss, however, is not a strange notion to Gaza and its people. Submerged in grief, Mohammed’s uncle got up to pray and read some Quran, hoping God will grant him some sort of sublime patience he needs in order to calm his wailing daughters. Salem was only 20 years old, the only son to his father and the only brother to his 7 sisters. To the international community in general and the western world in particular, which seems to be overlooking Israeli war crimes and violations of the International Humanitarian Law over and over again, Salem is but another number added to an already overflowing toll of Palestinian deaths. To his friends and family, Salem will always be the precious gem he has always been.