Lebanon’s Soldier’s of God

“We are on the verge of another civil war!”

They call themselves the “Soldiers of God.” And they have become increasingly visible of late. Both on the street and on social media. Their coat of arms is a red and white templar-like shield donned by the wings of Saint Michael. Their Facebook page is dominated by images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. 

Officially formed in 2020, they like to refer to the Bible and try to impose their religious outlook on the Achrafieh neighborhood in Beirut. 

Their political preference seems clear, as the “divine soldiers” in early November gathered in front of Judge Ghada Aoun’s home to insult her. Aoun is associated with the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), bitter rivals of the Lebanese Forces, the country’s main other Christian party.  

Elsewhere, the soldiers gathered in front of the SGBL bank in Achrafieh while brandishing swords and crosses. The location is telling in the light of the persistent rumors that banker Antoun Sehnaoui, who owns the bank, is supporting the group. 

  • Karen Zaatari