Cameron, Cromer and Colonialism: Yes Mr Cameron, It is a Colonialist-Style Attack on Islam


DavidCameronAnd no, this is not an “Islamist lie” like Maajid Nawaz seems to have informed you.  It is however, a neoconservative conspiracy, which spans the inception of the War on Terror.

David Cameron’s doublespeaking speech was incessant in its assertion that there is no conspiracy to “destroy Islam”.

Increasingly, it seems that practically any argument, however well referenced, even academically-backed, is to be rapidly brought into the sphere of “extremism” or “Islamism” and suppressed through State apparatus. They have become the terms through which the government is censoring counter-narratives.

For neocons, “active opposition” to their civic religion of secular liberalism and its symbols – “British values” of democracy, rule of law and human rights – is equivalent to “undermining” it. It is “an attack” no less.  To protect it, the state has effectively deployed the counter-extremism and terrorism industry. However, the double-standards applied by neocons means that any effort to…

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Do you fulfil the 10 criteria required to join “Australians Against Islam”?

Things that matter

Do you fulfil the 10 criteria required to join “Australians Against Islam”?

“Australians Against Islam” replying mostly on intellectual rigour that anything else. From left Bozo, Baz and Hammer. “Australians Against Islam” relying mostly on intellectual rigour that anything else.

By E.F Nicholson

The group “Reclaim Australia” has now got its own splinter group “Australians Against Islam”. These guys felt that “Reclaim Australia” was too soft on its anti-Muslim rhetoric. Ironically, it’s a little like ISIS thought Al-Qaeda was a little too soft on its anti-infidel approach. This new group aims to put less emphasis on their imaginary reclaiming of Australia and more of a focus on purging Australia of the extremist Islamic fundamentalist lurking through out Australia’s shadows. To join this group you are required to fulfil the following criteria….

  1. You must believe over 40% of Australia is now Muslim, when in fact it’s 2%.
  2. You must renounce Sharia law, even though you can’t pronounce it, spell it or even…

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Mark Bruzonsky

A few weeks ago on the front page (22 June) The Washington Post  featured a picture of the French Foreign Minister and Israel’s P M Netanyahu saying the following:

“France seeks a bigger role in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, saying the status quo could set the Mideast ablaze”!

Hummmm.   Seems The Washington Post is not aware that what the French and British did to the Middle East going back a hundred years to Sykes-Picot and Lawrence of Arabia, and what the Americans and Israelis and Arab Royals have subsequently done for a couple of generations now, is what has in fact already SET THE MIDDLE EAST ABLAZE!

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Hamas and the Daesh twist in Gaza

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Unlike anything the terror group has so far come across, this area of the Arab world is more economically, politically and socially developed and structured along modern lines

If you think Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is going to dislodge Hamas in Gaza, sit in its place and establish its own style of fundamentalist rule, you may be much mistaken. Despite its belligerent threats, made last week through a videotape full of religious pomposity and derision of the kind of Islam that is practised on the Gaza Strip, Hamas is here to stay.

Riding on its erosion of different parts of Iraq and Syria and its strikes in Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, as well as its mosque bombings in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Daesh has slowly developed a higher view of itself in its more archaic interpretation of Islam based on violence and little…

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Terrorism: For Muslim crimes only?

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Terrorism has become so closely linked to Islam that labelling white crime with it violates Western cultural realities.

Participants of an interfaith rally at an Islamic community centre in Arizona, United States [Reuters]

Participants of an interfaith rally at an Islamic community centre in Arizona, United State

“Media outlets have been reluctant,” writes Brit Bennett for the New York Times, “to classify the Charleston shooting as terrorism, despite how eerily it echoes our country’s history of terrorism. US-bred terrorism originated in order to restrict the movement and freedom of newly liberated black Americans who, for the first time, began to gain an element of political power.”

Bennett is one among countless critical thinkers and commentators arguing why the slaughter of nine African Americans in a Charleston historic church must be qualified as a “terrorist” act.

Inside Story – What now for Muslim-Western relations?

In another piece for the New York Times, Charles M Blow insists, referring to the confessed murderer, “[Dylann]…

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