4 Multiverses You Might Be Living In

Could parallel universes exist? If so, what would they look like and how would they form?

Many physicists believe there is a strong connection between the inflationary multiverse and an important feature of string theory.

Although there is not yet evidence favoring the quantum multiverse over several other interpretations of quantum mechanics, it is still consistent with the results of every quantum experiment ever conducted.

One thought on “4 Multiverses You Might Be Living In

  1. I in fact have worked with several other people for some period of time on the question of whether or not it’s in principle possible to create a new universe in the laboratory. Whether or not it really works we don’t know for sure. It looks like it probably would work. It’s actually safe to create a universe in your basement. It would not displace the universe around it even though it would grow tremendously. It would actually create its own space as it grows and in fact in a very short fraction of a second it would splice itself off completely from our Universe and evolve as an isolated closed universe growing to cosmic proportions without displacing any of the territory that we currently lay claim to.[15]
    I found this intriguing clip when looking at Alan Guth on the internet. Dr Guth from Cambridge university developed the inflation theory.
    I watched Professor Cox the human universe last night. What struck me forcibly was his reference to faint chances exemplified by lottery tickets.
    I had to smile at his final conclusion we are here because we’ve got to be.
    Now the age of the universe has been subltly replaced with eternity.

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