Felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders
Pressure to break or retreat at every turn;
Facing the fear that the truth I discovered;
No telling how all this will work out;
But I’ve come too far to go back now.

I am looking for freedom,
And to find it, cost me everything I have.

I know all too well it don’t come easy;
The chains of the world they seem to move in tight;
I try to walk around it,
But stumbling’s so familiar;
Try to get up but the doubt is so strong;
There’s gotta be a wind in my bones.

Not giving up has always been hard,
So hard.
But if I do the things the easy way, I won’t get far.

Artists: Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton

Who Is He, and What Is He To You?

A man we passed just tried to stare me down
And when I looked at you
You looked at the ground

I don’t know who he is
But I think that you do

Something in my heart and in your eye
Tells me he’s not someone just passing by

And when you cleared your throat
Was that your cue?

When I add the sum of you and me
I get confused when I keep coming up with 3
You’re too much for one man
But not enough for two

You tell me men don’t have much intuition
Is that what you really thinkin girl
Or are you wishing?
Before you wreck your old home
And searcht another new

Who is he, and what is he to you?

Artist: Bill Withers

Strange Fruit

Southern trees bear a strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swingin’ in the Southern breeze
Strange fruit hangin’ from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant South
The bulgin’ eyes and twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias sweet and fresh
And the sudden smell of burnin’ flesh

Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the tree to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop

Artist: Diana Ross

Turn Your Soul Toward The Light

Turn Your Soul Toward The Light

“Hark ye O old man and list to my warning: be ye free from the bondage of night. Surrender not your soul to the BROTHERS OF DARKNESS. Keep thy face ever turned towards the Light. Know ye not, O man, that your sorrow, only has come through the Veil of the night. Aye man, heed ye my warning: strive ever upward, turn your soul toward the LIGHT.”

[From: The Emerald Tablet of Thoth, The Key of Magic…Quote provided by CZ]

Photo by Elisabeth
This photo was taken on: June 10, 2009.