From thy fragrant, beauteous bosom,
I accept and clasp the treasure,
To my breast with grateful pleasure,
Dear the gift, and dear the giver,
Whose loving hand is near me ever,
Memory ever fondly clinging,
To the past, before me bringing,
With deepest sweetest fascination,
Past scenes of love and admiration.

Art by: MainLoop
Model: Rivi Madison
Poem (portion): The May Flower
Poet: Janet Hamilton
Poem Provided by: CZ



My seductive succubus disguised,
a demon hid ‘neath angelic eyes,
she harbors the seed of damnation
at the meet of her succulent thighs.
I survey her in a hapless daze,
drawn to her impish, impious ways,
drowning in dreams of shameless sin
reflected in her devilish gaze.
I’ll have her; more, I know, she’ll have me—
that I’ll grant her ev’ry fiendish plea,
sating her need with unending greed
as she screams sweet profanities.
My forsaken faerie, bred of fire,
seat of my most indecent desire—
For her, I’ll embrace iniquitous fate,
surrendering my soul, entire.

Poem by SecretedSins
Photo Of: Laetitia Casta

Glamorous Desire

Glamorous Desire

The expense of spirit in a waste of shame
Is lust in action; and till action, lust
Is perjured, murderous, bloody, full of blame,
Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust,
Enjoy’d no sooner but despised straight,
Past reason hunted, and no sooner had
Past reason hated, as a swallow’d bait
On purpose laid to make the taker mad;
Mad in pursuit and in possession so;
Had, having, and in quest to have, extreme;
A bliss in proof, and proved, a very woe;
Before, a joy proposed; behind, a dream.
All this the world well knows; yet none knows well
To shun the heaven that leads men to this hell.

[Shakespeare’s Sonnet #129… Provided by CZ)

Photo by Gestiefeltekatze
Model: BitterSweet

Open Invitation

Open Invitation

May i feel said he
I’ll squeal said she
Just once said he
It’s fun said she

May i touch said he
How much said she
A lot said he
Why not said she

Let’s go said he
Not too far said she
What’s too far said he
Where you are said she

May i stay said he
Which way said she
Like this said he
If you kiss said she

May i move said he
Is it love said she
If you’re willing said he
But if you’re killing said she

But it’s life said he
But your wife said she
Now said he
Ow said she

Tiptop said he
Don’t stop said she
Oh no said he
Go slow said she

Cccome? said he
Ummm said she
You’re divine! said he
You are Mine said she

[E. E. Cummings’ “May I Feel Said He”]

Photo Shoot: Open Invitation
Model: Heather Vandeven
Penthouse Pet of the year for 2007