Hezbollah Executes Wounded Syrian Rebels

The video shows armed men in fatigues, at least one wearing the yellow arm band sported by the Lebanese Shiite movement, dragging several bloodied men out of a van and shooting them dead.

The men speak in the Lebanese dialect of Arabic, and at the end of the video one man calls them over, saying:

“One moment, one moment. We are doing our duty, not avenging ourselves.”

The others call out:

“For the sake of God, for the sake of God.”

Hezbollah declined to comment on it.

Al-Arabiya television said it may have been filmed during the battle for Qusayr, a strategic Syrian town near the Lebanese border that Syrian troops recaptured from rebels with the help of Hezbollah earlier this year.

Hassan Nasrallah and his Hezbollah have lambasted Syria’s “Sunni takfiri fighter’s” for the atrocities they committed against pow’s, wounded soldiers and civilians, and that they supposedly held the moral high ground in that area, but this video proves that they are no better.