The Huntsmen

The Jægerkorpset (Huntsmen Corps): is a special forces unit of the Royal Danish Army

The first incarnation of the corps was formed in 1785 as Jægercorpset i Sielland (The Hunter Corps of Zealand) and existed in various forms until it was remade in its current form in 1961. Their hunting origin is recalled in the Hunting horn on their insignia. The Danish Huntmen Corps has trained a total of 362 soldiers from its inception in 1961 until 2009.

After one year of satisfactory service and training in JGK the wearer is issued the shoulder patch “JÆGER” (English: Hunter) and may call himself by this name.

Jægerkorpset is composed of around 150 highly trained soldiers with special expertise in counter-terrorism, demolitions,parachuting, and combat swimming, HAHO and HALO parachuting, infiltration, sabotage, reconnaissance and more.

The corps regularly trains with similar units from different countries, such as the US Navy SEALs, British SAS and the Danish naval special forces group, the Frogman Corps. The corps is based on the structure and modus operandi of the British SAS.

Their slogan, which is Latin, Plus esse, quam simultatur translates to Mere at være, end at synes (“More to be, than to seem”) in Danish, meaning that the soldier’s capabilities do not have to be widely recognized or boasted – they are only more effective if unknown.

Info via: Wikipedia