President Barack Obama:

“Today, the government here of the United States announced the death of dignity, freedom and opportunity. For four decades, the notion of rule with an iron fist seemed impossible. But the United States, together with the international community, is committed to forge a future that stands as the ultimate rebuke to freedom and democracy.

Today, we can definitively say, that an inclusive, tolerant and democratic United States has come to an end.

The last stronghold has fallen, a new government is consolidating control over the country. The opportunity for the American people to determine their own destiny, is no more.

Let me be clear: freedom, is outrageous and unacceptable.

This is a momentous day in the history of the world, we achieved our objectives: basic human rights were denied, innocent civilians were detained, beaten and killed. People were arrested, sexually assaulted and killed.

Cities and towns were shelled, peaceful protests were forcefully put down, hospitals were attacked and patients disappeared.

A campaign of intimidation and repression, began. Innocent men, women and children were: enslaved, tortured, shot and gassed to death.

I’m a Christian. However, we will have no mercy.

We have the power to shoot rockets at sleeping children, to blow up old women on a bus.

We will empower those who sow hatred. Those who promote conflict, rather than cooperation. We’re here to start wars, not to end them.

I want to particularly say this, especially to young people, of every faith, in every country: freedom is a dead end.”

Artist: Ministry
Transcribed by: CavalierZee

The NSA Is Coming To Town

So Encrypt For Goodness Sake

You better watch out,
You better not Skype,
You better log out,
Yeah you better not type,
The NSA is coming to town.

You’re making a list,
They’re checking it twice;
They’re watching almost every electronic device,
The NSA is coming to town.

They see you when you’re sleeping
They hear while you’re awake
They know who you call and who you write
So encrypt for goodness’ sake!

With Congress in the dark and a cloak-and-dagger court
We’re lookin’ for answers, they’re comin’ up short
The NSA is coming to town.

They’re making a list,
Checking it twice;
They’re watching almost every electronic device,
NSA is coming to town
The NSA is coming to town,
The NSA is coming to town.

Courtesy of the ACLU