Why anti-radicalisation software for schools is completely redundant.

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Why anti-radicalisation software for schools is completely redundant. 

dangerOnce again, we see how completely disingenuous the UK government is in tackling terrorism. Recently, they have launched an anti-radicalisation software for schools. For whatever reason (probably based on the advice of some expensive consultants), they are implementing a “don’t join ISIS or anything like them” type software for schools. It’s like the Net Nanny used to stop porn, but instead of “busty blondes giving blow jobs” being flagged as “no-no” content, it will be a “dummies guide to jihad” instead. The completely piss-weak logic is that students get radicalised by searching for radical content and websites. Upon reading said content they are magically brainwashed into joining ISIS, pack up sticks and take one way flights to Syria. Such robust anti-radicalisation software will stop them in their tracks and instead direct them to Nike commercials or old episodes of Dad’s Army.


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