Unease with Australia’s Islamophobia

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f65341a8ef7f43b0974c0c66f68c2013_18Counterprotesters outnumbered the anti-Islam protesters [Snehargho Ghosh/Al Jazeera]

Recent ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies and counter-rallies across country highlight social tensions and xenophobic fears.

Jarni Blakkarly | 12 Apr 2015 11:51 GMT

Melbourne, Australia – In Christian majority countries like Australia, Easter is usually a time of family gatherings and celebration.

However, a day before Easter Sunday, hundreds of people took to the streets in major Australian cities to protest against what they see as the rising influence of Islam.

Under the banner “Reclaim Australia”, protesters, many waving Australian flags, chanted against Islamic law and held signs reading “No More Mosques” and “Islam is an Enemy of the West.”

In Melbourne, the 500 or so anti-Islam protesters were outnumbered by the over 1,000 who attended a counterprotest against Islamophobia and religious bigotry.

Counter protests

Local Socialist Party councillor Stephen Jolly, who was one of the organisers of the counter-rally, told Al Jazeera…

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