The Resurrection of Tammuz

Lisa's leaks - 'Madness in the Magnolias'

Ishtar Ishtar, Goddess of Fertility, Love, War and Sex.

 Semiramis, Queen of Babylon became known as the fertility goddess Ishtar. She took on many names in different cultures including Isis, Diana, Astarte, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, and Easter. She was even identified with Mary as Mary was falsely deified and took on the titles “Mother of God” and “Queen of Heaven.”

Her son Tammuz took on many names as well such as Horus, Apollo, Sol, Krishna, Hercules, Mithra, and finally Jesus. The name Jesus H. Christ, in fact, originated by Constantine as Hesus Horus Krishna.“Hesus Horus Krishna” evolved into Jesus H. Christ over the years. All names of Tammuz put together for the son of the sungod and member of the Trinity worshiped on Sunday the day of his sungod. We will get to that in greater detail later in this book series.

Semiramis instituted a holy day…

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