The World if Gore Had Won

New Eastern Outlook
by Gordon Duff

BushGoreIn 1990, a plan to take down America was hatched in a Jerusalem bar. American counter-intelligence, Hanke, Higgins and others, had been following the progress of the group. Two nations were in their sights, the US and the Soviet Union. The group planned on starting a nuclear war, one they would be able to control the outcome of, with the US being the loser.

This plot failed but it wouldn’t be their last.

Lieberman, the Chosen Person

Classified investigation notes tied to the Abel Danger investigation of nuclear weapons theft, Israeli espionage and, eventually, the 9/11 attack open a new look at this time period, 1990 – 2015. Though it is popularly assumed that 9/11 was planned by Bush and Cheney, investigative notes reveal that Al Gore was the intended winner of the 2000 election. Gore was intended to win but not to serve…

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