In Iraq there’s a Shi’ite militia for everybody

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At least four such forces will help try to liberate Mosul from ISIS. Too bad the army can’t do the job alone without interference from Iran

Islamic State group militants.

Enemy No. 1: Islamic State militants, seen here in Fallujah, March 30, 2014

A U.S. investigative committee that visited Iraq in September concluded that only about half the Iraqi army’s 50 brigades are worthy of military support. The rest are mired in ethnic and religious politics with dubious loyalty to the national interest.

Reports during the following months reveal an even more chilling picture: Only five of 14 divisions are battle-ready, and between 60 and 240 battalions have “vaporized,” that is, they exist only on paper.

Meanwhile, at least 50,000 Iraqi soldiers are “ghost soldiers” — they don’t actually serve in the army. The purpose of this fuzzy math is to obtain more funding, which goes into the pockets of commanders and is typical…

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