5 Islamic Secrets of Europe

The Wandering Musulman

Versions of this article have appeared virally on ILM Feed, Muslim Village, and Muslim Times

“Islam and Europe”, don’t quite fit, right?

One doesn’t belong in the other apparently.

“Islam and Muslims should leave Europe!” say extremists on both sides.

Whatever your views, one thing is indisputable. Europe has a massive ‘Islamic heritage’. In fact Islam arrived on these shores just 80 years after Muhammad died. That means there is over 1300 years of Muslim history waiting to be uncovered in Europe!

The Alhambra, Spain. The Alhambra, Spain.

As a Muslim Travel Writer and Travel Photographer I have really enjoyed unearthing the thirteen centuries of fascinating interaction between Europe and Islam.

Along the way I have stumbled upon some great little ‘nuggets’. Here are five of them. Some as funny as they are intriguing with one or two that might even blow your mind.

5. ISLAMOPHOBIC PASTRYIn Vienna, the capital of Austria…

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