VIDEO: The True Atrocity of the Fire Bombing of the German City of Dresden

Justice for Germans

The following is an older German documentary, probably from the 1990s, about the Dresden Firebombing which was translated into English. It is 1:15 in length. The first 25 minutes details the history of the city with pre-1945 film footage. It also includes quite a few eyewitness statements from survivors, as well as, a speech by Historian David Irving (speaking German, translated into English) about this heinous and deliberate British War Crime.

David Irving called out the War Criminal Churchill, pointing to his policy of deliberately targeted civilians, quoting from Churchill’s own document archives, asking Bomber Command…

Churchill - Roast the Germans “What can we do to roast the Germans?”

Irving also stated that bomber crews were later interviewed and asked about what they had been told about the mission. They said “they were made aware of the refugees but were told that Dresden was and arsenal; a city of munitions factories,  railway lines, armament factories…

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