#MuslimLivesMatter #MOTIVE #NorthCarolina Man Arrested For Act of #Terrorism Against #Muslim Students!

| truthaholics

North Carolina Man Arrested For Act of Terrorism Against Muslim Students ~  Counter Current News, February 11, 2015.


An American terrorist gunned down Muslim American students in North Carolina over night. The mainstream, corporate media is ignoring the story in many cases. In other cases, they are acting as though this were anything other than an act of terrorism.

Terrorism, after all, is what “other” nations do, right? Or if it occurs on U.S. soil, it is perpetrated by religious fanatics… right?

The reality is that the history of terrorism shows us that the immoral tactic can and has always been used by the religious, non-religious, and even – in this case – anti-religious alike.

Terrorism is a tactic to push politics, and the politics of Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, were anti-Islamic.

The shooter who portrayed himself as an avowed atheist on Facebook, Twitter and other social media is…

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