Six live cremations the USA & Israel wants you to ignore

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Six live cremations the West wants you to ignore

By Robert Barsocchini, CounterCurrents

Thursday, Feb 5, 2015

Western selective outrage has always included burning people alive. Acting exactly as any sane criminal would, Western criminals want you to let them get away with their crimes while they broadcast the usually lesser crimes of others as pretexts for continuing and escalating their own crimes.
Taking heart, this is exactly what ISIS has just done.
ISIS today released a video of themselves burning a captured Jordanian soldier alive in an enclosure, saying the act was intended as retaliation for US bombings, which also burn people alive, making the execution an “eye for an eye” punishment, according to ISIS. The US, in turn, will now purport to be disgusted by and retaliate against this crime, furthering the downward spiral it put into overdrive with the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq, which led…

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