Are You Waiting To Receive My Limp Penis?

Oh that’s a nice headlock sir!

I see that you know your Judo well.

Tetta and farewell.

A former chef who dines at expensive restaurants and then pleads poverty has been convicted for the 54th time of refusing to pay for a meal.

Paul Charles Dozsa, 48, dubbed ”the restaurant runner” by local newspapers, was fined $160 on Monday for refusing to pay a $50 bill at a Chinese restaurant.

The following day, he dined out at the five-star Sheraton-Wentworth hotel, then told the staff he could not pay the $48 cheque. He was fined $200 for that offense on Wednesday and ordered to compensate the restaurant.

Dozsa pleaded guilty to the charges, saying he was ”in a state of inebriation.”

Sydney’s most famous restaurant runner, who has 54 convictions for failing to pay for meals, appeared in court once more yesterday.

Paul Charles Dozsa, 48, unemplyed and of no fixed address, was charged before the magistrate, Mr S. D. Hyde, in Cental Local Court with failing to pay for a meal.

After being further charged with obtaining credit by deception, he was placed on a 12-month, $500, good-behavior bond.

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